cocktail menu

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COMING SOON!!!   Ok, obviously this page is a little sparse right now, but it will fill up in no time!

Champagne Cocktails

effervescent watermelon sangria
prosecco pops
prosecco sangria
sparkling grapefruit sangria
sparkling strawberry sangria
sparkling white peach sangria

Classic Cocktails

classic Caesar
tom collins

Contemporary Cocktails

boozy strawberry lemonade
blue & dew
dirty shirley temple

Fruity Drinks

dirty shirley temple

Gin Cocktails

tom collins


IRS blues martini

Rum Recipes

drunken pineapple


10 superb sangrias
effervescent watermelon sangria
green sangria
mason jar sangria
pacific blue sangria
prosecco sangria
single serving sangria
sparkling grapefruit sangria
sparkling strawberry sangria
sparkling white peach sangria
strawberry kiwi sangria
watermelon lime sangria

Tequila Cocktails

deep fried tequila

Whiskey & Burbon Cocktails



4 thoughts on “cocktail menu

  1. hello its your round its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for stopping by!!! hay dada sez i shud ask if yoo hav ever herd of a toasted almond aparently he yoozd to git it all the time in the mithikal land of noo york but heer in kalifornya nobuddy has ever herd of it!!! he sez it has kreem and kahlooa and amaretto and vodka in it hmmm hay dada i do not think yoo shud be imbibing that menny forms of alkohol in a single beveradj after all yoo ar not twennyfive ennymore!!! ha ha ok bye

  2. Hey there! Do you have a good Rum Runner recipe? I’ve found a few online, but that is my goal this week while I’m on vacation – perfect 1 cocktail! And this is the one I want! :) P.S. Thanks for following my blog!! :D

    • Its funny you asked me this on that specific day…I actually held a tiki party the night before! Of all the drinks we did try a rummer runner was not one of them. The drink I would recommend is the Wiki Waki Woo…it was the favourite from our tiki night. I followed the directions to the letter and it was delicious and potent! (my post coming soon)
      Have a great vacation!!

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