throwback thursday – kinda lahaina

If I post right at 12:00am can I get away with calling it a wordless wednesday and a throwback thursday??

Bahama Mama @ in Seal Beach, California

Bahama Mama @ Kinda Lahaina in Seal Beach, California, 2007


throwback thursday – vodka tasting

This pic is from our vodka tasting at the cottage last year. This was a painful experience and something I swore I would never do again, and I like vodka! We are up at the cottage for the next 2 weeks and somehow I’ve been talked into participating in a gin tasting next week. I can hardly wait *note sarcasm here*. Maybe this experience will give me a greater appreciation for gin…or not.

To be continued…

Vodka Tasting

Vodka Tasting at the Cottage 2013