Sober October

drunkIn the best interest of my liver, my wallet and my waistline I have been taking the month of October off of drinking. A couple days in I cleverly dubbed it Sober October, but then when I went to Tweet about it I discovered that #SoberOctober was already a “thing” (it’s a fundraising effort to raise money for Cancer research, next year I’ll be more organized and actually do the fundraising) and here I thought I was being clever! That being said I may be lacking on the new content this month, or at least resorting to past drinks with sub par photography. I am hosting Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend though so that should lend to a few fresh cocktails at least :) Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Sober October

  1. hello its your round its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez maybe yoo shud moov yore sober month to nekst month and kall it teetotalvember!!! tho i do not think that is as ketchy a naym as sober october!!! ok bye

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