gin tasting

gin tastingThis year our friend Paul had the genius idea to follow up last year’s vodka tasting with a gin tasting. As if last year’s vodka tasting wasn’t painful enough. I at least enjoy vodka. Gin however is up there on my list of least favourite things to ingest (second only to olives, so clearly dirty martinis are out of the question for me!). I kept an open mind though and thought to myself maybe if I try a few neat I can find a new appreciation for gin?

Each of the men contributed a different gin (hubby brought Death’s Door distilled in our new home state of Wisconsin) and here are the results…If you’re hoping to find some intelligent tasting notes on gin in this blogpost you’re going to be disappointed.

Dillon’s – a Christmas tree soaked in rubbing alcohol
Broker’s – less rubbing alcohol, more Christmas tree
Bombay Sapphire – less Christmas tree, more rubbing alcohol
Death’s Door – death! I’d rather die than drink this again!

The men had significantly more intelligent tasting notes, maybe next time we do one of these I’ll record them.

Closing notes:
– Broker’s was the least painful
– I think I should abstain from future spirit tastings.


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